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First off- WELCOME!!!  Thank you for stopping by and I hope my work brings a smile to your face and your heART.
I am a full time professional artist and muralist working and residing in Custer, Wisconsin.  I graduated from UW Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting, photography, illustration and graphic design in 2007.  My work explores various techniques  throughout several mediums.  From painting to drawing, graphic design and jewelry, the work you see encompasses a combination of style, color and craftsmanship that unite to portray the subject matter in a unique way.   I love to work with bright colors and have always believed in the saying "Good art doesn't have to match the furniture" (or your outfit for that matter).  When searching for inspiration, I'm attracted to imagery that bring a smile to my viewers face and are fun to complete from start to finish.  There is no denying that a little bit of my heART is left in every piece I create.
My style is a twist on cubism, pointillism, and pixellation that once combined create an ideal combination of visual interest and bright color  combinations. The paintings are done in acrylic paint on both canvas or canvas board.  My choice of color scheme varies from painting to painting.  I feel that when I find the perfect subject for a painting, local and non-local colors often choose themselves on the canvas.  I carefully decide on subject matter that I find visually enjoyable and often brings a smile to my heart or provokes a past emotion and gives me a distinct connection to my paintings.  I have broken down my painting style over the years to create a very unique technique that is both eye catching and one of a kind.
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