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Inspired by her lifelong passion for nature, Meredith’s background combines her interests in both art and science. She earned an undergraduate degree in the natural sciences and a certificate in scientific illustration that led her into an early career as an illustrator. Her work has been published in numerous books, textbooks, journals, and magazines.
Meredith moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1990, and focused her artistic attention to the diverse plants and wildlife in the Rocky Mountains. After working with several national and internationally known artists (Robert Bateman, Dave Wade, Huihan Lui), Meredith has developed a unique style that strives to portray both the anatomical accuracy and personality of her subjects while working with light, design, and brush strokes. Her connection to the natural world is what drives her inspired paintings.
“That certain look or movement that exemplifies the essence of who they are is what captures my interest to paint a subject. I spend as much time as I can in the field observing, sketching, and photographing my subjects so that I can better understand them and their world. It is during these periods of study that I am often able to watch some amazing stories unfold. Other times, I am simply observing their everyday lives, the way they move, the way they interact with each other and other creatures, and their individual personalities. My goal as an artist is to portray the beauty of the individual while giving the viewer a glimpse into their world.” 
Meredith is a juried member of Women Artist’s of the West, Oil Painters of America, and American Women Artists. Her gallery representation has been in the hub of the wildlife art world, Jackson Hole. Since 2013, Meredith has been selling her work directly to collectors, through an artist representative as well as in private and national art [...]

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