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Oil Painter and Jewelry Designer, Mercedes Franklin has brought about her own world of Creativity.  Living in a small town in Florida, she picks her distractions & uses them in her work. I would call her an "Intuitive Artist," she has chosen her subject, her paints, her colors, her tools & her style.
The Franklins were a very visual family including their extended family members.  Their discussions were not lost on Mercedes. 
Having watched her mother sew, her first creative endeavor was in the 7th grade with her 1st sewing class. She continued these classes creating costumes for the Drama Dept., tailoring suits & personal clothing through her senior year in High School.
Ms. Franklin attended San Diego State University, graduating with a degree in Art, specializing in Printmaking under Dr. Hodges, whose words of guidance affect her art to this day!
Between her 3rd & 4th years, Mercedes was in the Foreign Students Program at the Universities of Granada & Barcelona in Spain, studying the History, Culture and Art of this Country.
As said, Mercedes Franklin is an intuitive painter. She starts with a vision, lays her strokes down, steps back, looks, evaluates. Once the painting starts talking to her she often switches direction ending with a unique work of art.  Her constant undertaking is to implement new techniques and creating layers of interest.
Mercedes Franklin has created a Portfolio of her work, which is displayed on this site. She is a member of the Oil Painters of America.

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