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For almost 30 years, before launching my own career as an artist, I worked for and with other artists, always fascinated by the magical process of creating fine art. Those years were well spent, for I acquired not only an aesthetic sense but an understanding of what it takes to make art, not just pretty pictures.
It’s a constant learning process, which brings me enormous joy. One kind of learning happens when I take workshops from artists I admire, exploring new techniques and ways of working. Another kind altogether happens when I surprise myself at my easel, perhaps adding an unexpected color to a painting or deepening a shadow, and I see the magic happen right before my eyes.
Most of my work depicts the landscapes around me because I am constantly moved by the effects of the light, the shapes and the colors I see here in Arizona and New Mexico. I do not take what I see for granted. I know things will change for I’ve experienced those changes firsthand. Wildfires, floods, monsoon rains, years of drought, years of plenty—I’ve lived through all of these. And each new season, each weather event, seems to remake the world again…then inspire new paintings!
My favorite medium is pastel because I love its tactile nature—my fingers feel the pigments and the paper as I work and the painting becomes very personal. I often lose myself in a painting, an odd expression but an accurate description of what happens. Time is altered...I’m unaware of things outside the reach of my easel. It’s the closest I’ve come to a feeling of perfect happiness and peace, and I feel it whether I’m painting outdoors or in the studio.
I will continue to paint in diverse locales when I have the opportunity to do so, but I believe I will [...]

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