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Spinning Stories

Artist's Statement:

"The world is organized by story." Salman Rushdy
I am a teller of stories. If all art is communication, all artists are storytellers. Stories teach and remember. Stories ask questions about how and why we exist. Stories tie us all together. Tales are time machines carrying us where and when we want.
We are our own narrative that springs from our lifes and our imaginations. I have always been an artist but I came late to visual art. My art was teaching history, directing plays, acting and writing. I discovered visual art while I was teaching in a small Utah High School. I took every college visual arts class I could until I was certified to teach. I have worked in an amazing variety of media from oil painting to casting my own bronzes.
I always enjoyed making art but hadn't found my passion until seven years ago. Teaching about Van Gogh, I had an epiphany that I could follow his way of creating movement by the direction of his brush strokes by using cut paper. I could also borrow Saurat's ideas on how the eye blends color by using bits of patterned paper. I enjoy the rough folk art quality of my work. It is the perfect medium to tell my stories. Since retiring from teaching, this is what I do. I glue little pieces on big pieces of paper.
The inspiration for my work come from the simple things in my life Catching the color of the sky and water on Utah Lake out my back window. Watching the tiny birds eating and and gossiping. Comfy quilts. Trees in the wind. Children [...]

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