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Melissa Mallory is an Iranian-American contemporary realist working out of Southern California. 
She is currently attending Laguna College of Art + Design and obtaining her BFA in Drawing and Painting. Her main focus is drawing the figure and portrait in primarily charcoal on white and toned paper.  Her work is influenced by artists such as Nicolas Uribe,  Galucho, and Joseph Todorovitch, whom she was taught under. 
The subject matter of her work stems from her multicultural upbringing and identity of being both Iranian and American and in her drawings she ventures to merge the two. As well as creating works surrounding her Iranian identity, she additionally explores drawing the figure in a unique application of pushing the contrast of values and variation of edge to develop a strong and engaging representational image.
Artist Statement
In my artwork I aim to showcase the identity of being an Iranian-American woman. In each work I create I strive to display and express the cultural and social issues that pertain to being of Iranian descent.  I mainly work in charcoal but as well paint in oils.  The images I draw and paint are of a high contrast of values and are more form over shape. I find that charcoal is the medium that is most effective and compelling with representing my topic at large. The subject matter of my work predominantly consists of Iranian women such as myself.  I desire to showcase to the viewer a part of the world that is misconstrued and has largely remained mysterious, especially to the Western viewer. Some works may be series of a larger project but are mainly confined to portraits and figures.  I aspire to make visible the secret life of Iranian women and have it be familiar to the outside world. Alongside my theme of my Iranian identity, I [...]

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