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"My style is less refined now.  I stop sooner ... leaving the painting in a more natural state.  Not driven to make a piece perfect, I let the painting be where it seems comfortable being.  This means accepting a certain amount of chaos, tension …  which I like and find intriguing.  I relish exploring and giving a visual voice to my instincts and intuitive nature."  
Melanie Yendes is an artist working with oil on canvas.  An earlier career in interior design gave her experiential knowledge of fundamental art principles, such as balance, rhythm, and color theory.  Her paintings often feature bold hues, strong shapes, and a vibrant, robust energy.  It is rare for Melanie to have an end result in mind when beginning a piece.  She lets the painting process inform the next action to be taken on the canvas.   Her paintings have been exhibited and sold throughout the Bay Area. Melanie holds a BA in Sociology and an MA in Interior Design.  She is married and lives in Northern California.

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