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«La peinture est le métier le plus long et le plus difficile. Il lui faut l'érudition comme au compositeur, mais il lui faut aussi l'exécution comme au violon.» [ Eugène Delacroix ] - Journal


I love art, the feeling of painting is deeply fulfilling to me. I believe it is what I should be doing with my one wild and precious life. There is so much that thrills me in the work of other artists past and present, and that I yearn to see in my own work. I don’t always feel like my desires and my results are a perfect match, but I have learned to not spend time worrying about it. Persistence is the key. Van Gogh said it perfectly:
"I think that a painter ought to paint pictures; possibly something else may come after that."
Being an artist was a given from my earliest childhood. I flowed into my artist skin as naturally as breathing. I was always curious and exploring anything pertaining to art. It was my good fortune that my mother was also an artist and art educator, so I had answers to my questions on demand. She imparted to me the understanding that aiming for high standards in artistic endeavors meant accepting that it is a path with no real arrival point, always a journey. Her encouragements included admonitions—like telling me “don’t rest on your laurels” after I had enjoyed a great success. Setting the bar high makes the quest more delectable, albeit frustrating!
I have always been an avid reader and museum goer. I honed in on the history of art and spent many hours studying the lives and work of the masters. My formal art education started at 12 years old, winning free scholarships to Saturday school in the Columbus College of Art & Design. I had a wonderful high school art teacher, who was very serious about me getting serious about my work, God Bless him! I wish he could see me now…
I attended Denison University, where I earned [...]

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