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Melanie’s abstract and mixed media artwork is the manifestation of her internal world, that of emotions, memories and dreams. Found objects, papers encountered in Melanie’s travels or daily life are incorporated into many of the paintings, adding a deeply personal element.  She sets out to capture textures, beautiful colors and shapes on canvas.  "I want to create art 
that stops my viewer in their tracks, reminds them of memories or places they have been.  I want to pass 
on the essence of an image, landscape, or a beautiful color.   I want to show the viewer what I see and feel.  I want my viewer to be an active participant, and hope they find a piece of themselves that resonate with my art.  It's an unveiling of images, feelings, places, which I transform, and play out on the canvas, anything goes!"
Melanie grew up in the mountains of Utah surrounded by its natural beauty, and nature's palette was my first introduction to color.  I'm obsessed with color, and different ways  to create vibrant, unique, combinations of color.  
My art is the manifestation of my internal world, color combinations and marks are my story.
Found objects, gorgeous colors, beautiful papers and patterns encountered in my travels and daily life are
incorporated into many of my paintings, adding a deeply personal element.  My process is all about finding balance,controlling the creative flow using color, texture and quiet spaces for the eye to rest.




Melanie Ferguson grew up in
Utah’s spectacular Wasatch Mountains, exploring the mysteries
of nature at her family’s lake cabin, where her free-spirited
grandmother inspired her to live life on her own terms.
The need to discover has always driven people to traverse the world
in search of something new.  Melanie  has experienced this drive
throughout her life, but she has found in her many travels that discovery
can happen anywhere, across the world, or in her own home.  Her unique,
colorful, textured paintings, transports viewers into these everyday journeys. 
Melanie was born in Utah, and she “truly believe that is where
she fell in love with nature and being outdoors.” 
Melanie’s art passion began in college with a drawing and photography class.
As a youngster, Melanie had her hands on something to create.  
Art making was her happy place and she has pursued art of some form most of her life. 
Melanie’s art style starts with an abstracted first layer, adding texture,
colors, thick paint, etc.  Then I edit, refine the next layers, creating my
landscapes or a floral painting. It might take a week or a month,
sometimes a year to create the final painting that meets all my aesthetics. 
It’s not finished until the painting tells me its done, then I can let it go to a new home.     
Melanie hopes to create art that uplifts, energizes, and gives the viewer
a sense of beauty in nature.  Her paintings provide a peaceful, happy,
and calming scene, maybe from a memory of a place traveled to, or a place held dear. 

Melanie lives on the coast in Connecticut,  
with her husband Greg, and their beloved Golden “Joey.”    
Melanie paints every day in her home studio, always 
looking for her next inspiration.
She will forever be a student of art
studying the beauty of nature she paints.


Melanie’s Bio:
Melanie’s art career began in college, and has included post-graduate study at Palos Verdes Art Center (2003-2006), Otis Art College (2006) and [...]

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