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A Visual Artist’s attempt at “prose”
(The Artist’s Statement)
If I paint, why do I need to write?
I actually did take a short seminar on writing an Artist’s Statement.  Did all the famous painters in history have an Artist’s Statement?  I don’t think so.  Artist’s Statements came into vogue when unintelligible art became popular and nobody could understand what the hell the visual artist was trying to convey.  Abstract Expressionism was so heady and deep that the only people that knew what it was, let alone what it meant or was supposed to mean were the artist’s psychoanalyst and his marketing agent, after they read his Artist’s Statement.  The other issue is “time”.  A lot of viewers just want to take the Reader’s Digest approach to art.  The “tweeter me” the point you’re trying to make.  I don’t have time to read the whole novel.  Well, I don’t see why I need to write one – I paint.
Once you get past “Dick and Jane” most writers stop illustrating their work.  Wouldn’t it have been a lot more enjoyable to get up close and really look at my artwork rather than read this crap? 
M.C. Huskie

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