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When you first encounter the art I make, you’ll be struck by the journey and the evolution of my body of work.  You’ll see it’s not linear but rather more like a complex floral bud unfolding, sometimes a petal at a time, sometimes in a chorus or in unison.  You’re not quite sure what the center of the bloom will look like but you recognize what kind of flower it is, and are enjoying the unfolding process.  You'll suddenly realize you’re now on this journey with me. My art is personal, my subjects are close to my heart (and, of course, the intellect).  You'll find a story of my relationship to each of my creations.
I began painting with watercolor, became entranced by oils, and have now engaged with acrylics.  I create and paint practically, whenever and wherever I am inspired.  My painting practice mirrors my life: I find joy and fulfillment seeking out the simple pleasures. I make my art for myself, but am grateful for those who come along who enjoy it, and often wish to collect it.  I began by painting simple birds and flowers in watercolors and then a slew of delightful creatures; I meandered into landscapes shortly after.  My oil endeavors were sparked by still life, but I quickly found the delight of figurative work and portraiture.  A course in the foundation of art principles brought me to the doorstep of abstraction in acrylics, and through the pandemic of 2020 I've found a parallel universe in the Disrupted Realism movement.
In art as in life, I’ve "done a lot of living" as they say, in part due to my hunger for both.  Discovering a purpose in a life of art later in life, I immerse myself in it, extracting gems and pushing myself further and harder [...]

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