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Discovering and nurturing artistic skills as a child, I considered combining that skill with my interest in science to become a medical illustrator. For a variety of reasons, that was not to be and I moved on to a career combining science, marketing, and advertising. While I was not producing artwork professionally, I was surrounded by graphics and design, and I continued to dabble in life drawing classes, reaffirming that those latent skills were still there and that I still got as much pleasure from the creative process as I did as a child.
Fast forward to retirement after a successful and satisfying career in pharmaceutical marketing. Looking for a creative outlet yet unsure about my skills after all these years, I found the Scottsdale Artists’ School and began to take classes. From pencil drawing, on to painting, I’ve maintained my interest in life drawing and portraiture. Whether it’s dogs, wildlife, or people, capturing life essence, especially what I see in the eyes, keeps me coming back to this subject matter. I continue to hone my skills and get immense enjoyment from it. I hope you see that in my work.

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