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I am a painter with deep affection for the Irish countryside. My painting practice keeps me intensely connected to the timeless quality of places which are found throughout Ireland. Many of my paintings depict everyday scenes just a stone's throw from my home outside of Gort,County Galway. I paint these nature scenes so people may experience a peaceful escape or stroll through the countryside just after a soft rain.
When you hang one of my landscape or genre paintings in your home it may be the equivalent of turning on a bit of traditional Irish music. It will add a morsel of countryside and fresh air to a corner of your room, bringing colour, life and perhaps a bit of rustic character into your space.  These paintings of Irish lands, animals and objects hold a unique and special mood which is undeniably homey.
Originally from NY, I was told as a child that I was 100% Irish. I wore green on St Patrick’s Day and I took Irish dancing lessons and I was proud of that. Years later I met and married an Irishman and relocated to Ireland. It was then I truly understood the meaning of being Irish. I smile at the memories I have of my childhood and I find myself very lucky to be living as an artist in County Galway.
My intention is  that when you own a painting from my collection, you will be owning a scene which gives the impression of something familiar, a dear relative, a special trip, a childhood memory or a story you were told a long time ago.
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