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Sharpen Your Senses

While riding the subway you may notice how technical progress changed our lives: Faces are lit by the smartphone displays, everybody is gazing down, where everything is nice, bright and flashy. The surrounding reality is obviously too grey and boring, not important enough to be seen.
But the internet just delivers simplified reproductions, excerpts, digitalised reproducible models of reality.  An artificial small world, captivating the viewer so contact to the living environment and himself as a human is lost. A place where every thing is self referencing going around in circles.
With my painting I like to direct our view on the world around us, the one we are really living in. I try to encourage you to sharpen your view. Reality is unsurpassed in its amount of detail and diversion.
The city as the living room of society, is my model, with squares and Buildings as testimonials of the past
I try to catch the atmosphere of a place with its buildings, its current significance, the weather, the light, the feeling in exactly that hour, the absolut unique moment in time. Direct, as it presents itself to me. A photo captures just a fraction of what a the human eye registers, thats why I paint from live, on location: “Plein Air”.         
Die power of an image originates in the moment. Using oil paint, a reliable durable medium since centuries, one can create from scratch a permanent haptic unique testimonial. Viewing it is free and immediately tangible experience.
Maybe you recognize some locations in my pictures, who became so familiar you pass them without notice.
I try to offer a new perspective, reveal something you may not have seen and to motivate to experience your surroundings with fresh eyes.
Look around, let your impressions sink and create an own open view.

Schärfe Deine Sinne

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