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Every single day that I have the good fortune to be in my studio, I  marvel in gratitude for the opportunity to express myself through paint. I am captivated by beauty of  the simple and complex, by nature through every season, and by the challenges that promote growth when striving to capture the interplay of beautiful subjects with their dance of light and shadow. 
For me, painting is a dialogue between what I see and how I respond, and when I am in those moments, I lose myself in time and space. My brain turns off and spirit takes over. 
I am grateful for my teachers, who have forever changed the way I view the world.

I am a classically trained oil painter, though art in many forms has fascinated and challenged me all of my life. As early as I can remember I have been drawing, painting, sculpting and carving. 

My paintings are representational in style, with an attempt to capture the vibrancy and beauty found in nature and in our everyday environment. I am always striving to project simplicity and elegance in my work.
For the past nineteen years I have been studying and painting full time, and have been fortunate to have been influenced by three artists in particular, Evan Wilson, Ned Bittinger and Sherrie McGraw, who I consider to be modern masters. These magnificent and giving teachers have inspired me to continue to learn and to develop my skills as a painter. Maureen Shotts 
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Maureen's  paintings are in corporate and private collections throughout the southeast, including several commissioned by the Jack Warner Foundation and in Warner's private collection.

Summer Tablescape WIP! Stay tuned!!


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