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Maureen has spent decades as a leading contributor to advanced printing technologies, business, and manufacturing solutions in the global environment.  Listed as Inventor on European and US Patents, an award winning Artist, she is creating Art and Products from the amalgamation of her design and technical prowess.
Through her business -Agent Quinze- she offers consulting services for a diverse sector of need.  She provides leading edge knowledge and experience within the Printing Industry and she is working to connect businesses or people with creative needs with the best solution providers globally.  With particular interest in Inkjet technologies, she is taking advantage of its vast diversity of substrates, markets, and environments to produce visual art, textiles, and a vast collection of products.  She is passionate about connecting people who have a product need to the possibilities within technology and those that provide it.
An outdoors lover and Environmentalist at heart, Maureen is currently focused on a fundraising project for preservation of the Escalante Grand Staircase Monument particularly focused after the downsizing from Administration 45.  You will find reference to the support and funds being raised for the Grand Staircase Escalante Partners under the Works section in this website.

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