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The Artist Says:

Drawing is more about seeing than about making marks.
The first mark on a clean sheet of paper feels like jumping out of a plane. There’s no turning back now . . . .  
There needs to be some element in each new work that challenges and energizes me because I’m not sure that I can land it.


Artist Statement:
I want to highlight the extraordinary in the ordinary. Most of us navigate aspects of the natural world every time we leave home. How often, though, do we really notice nature’s specific expressions, which change continually?  My work zeros in on moments, examining an intimately defined field of vision in order to draw attention to the intricacy, diversity, brilliance and creative genius displayed in nature. 
As a child, I was that kid with the hand-painted bike, the one that teachers asked to decorate the bulletin boards, that girl who always made her (sometimes very odd) Halloween costumes. People thought of me as artsy, even then. Nothing changed much in high school where art was my favorite class, and in college when I never considered seeking a degree other than a BFA. Nature and nurture were probably both to blame; my mother was an art professor at a women’s liberal arts college in Chicago.
It wasn’t until my late teens that I paid much attention to what lay outside my urban environment. I  started to learn how woods and lakes and rocks would help me feel more at home in life and in the world. I moved to Wisconsin and then to Minnesota. Raising a family grounded me as well, and a range of jobs and interests engaged, challenged, and expanded my capabilities. I continued making art, off and on, through it all.
Over the years I've explored art expressions using a variety of media and subject matter. Large scale charcoal figures engrossed for a while, as did public art projects promoting graffiti artists, also installations, mural design, collage, and mixed media. I have ehhibited work in group and solo venues, in regional juried shows, through gallery representation, in restaurants and nightclubs, and in university and church exhibit programs. I am represented in regional [...]

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