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The details about me are:  I live in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I have a lovely supportive wife and two delightful daughters.  I studied Commercial Art and Design in college, but ended up taking the fine art route instead.  I like dogs.   
Some stylistic and thematic unity is starting to emerge in my work and I plan to augment that more and more as time goes on. At the moment, though, my work consists largely of stylistic and thematic exploration: high brow, low brow, colorful, monochromatic, beautiful, ugly, raw, refined, direct, vague, seductive, repulsive, serious, humorous, and much in between. My guiding precept, so far, has been (what I call) the “why not?” rule. When I encounter a possible course of action I don’t ask myself “why?”… instead - I ask myself “why not”? For me, the “why not” rule embodies the very spirit of creativity.  I am certainly going to endeavor towards a more unified body of work, but I will always try to keep the “why not?” rule close at hand.
In my work I sometimes address issues of social justice, nonviolence, environmental concerns, etc. Sometimes I address these issues in a very direct way - while at other times I take a more oblique approach. Sometimes what I’m up to, though, is nothing more substantial than nonsensical fun and visual exploration. I work primarily in oil paint and graphite, but I’m also proficient in watercolor, colored pencil, casein, and acrylic.
I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoy making it. 

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