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Matt Fenton's interest in painting and drawing started at a young age, when he was influenced by the paintings he saw visiting the Baltimore Museum of Art.  His formal artistic education began in the 1970's at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Matt has continued to study art and exhibit at the Mitchell School, School 33 for the Arts, the Zoll Studio, and the Schuler School of Fine Art.
He has had a life-long fascination with landscapes, particularly urban and railroad scenes, although he also paints still life and portraits. His watercolor and oil landscapes provide windows into life in urban Baltimore and the Chesapeake region, and many of his paintings offer a nostalgic glimpse at the golden age of American trains. He favors a realist style with an emphasis on impressionistic brushwork. 
Matt is also a Professional Civil Engineer but recently has been devoting his full attention to fine arts painting.  His engineering training helps him take a technical approach to his paintings. 
He happily resides in Baltimore City, where he finds inspiration every day.


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