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For many years I have been attempting to represent undersea and earth lifeforms with materials quite unlike the tissues from which such creatures are actually made. I am of course unsuccessful, only Nature can create such beauty. That is why I continue; the unattainable is the perfect driving force. My favorite unattainable thing is the pre-dawn sky at times: not yellow, not blue, somewhere in between but not green.
When asked about my influences, I find it hard to answer. Perhaps everything we see, sense, and do influences us. Also, what is the difference between an influence and a favorite?
That said:
Category: Artists/People
* Dr. Seuss
* Hieronymus Bosch
* Georgia O'Keeffe
* Roger Dean
* Many of the Surrealists including
   Joan Miro'
   Max Ernst
   Yves Tanguey
Category: Nature/Animals
* The Sea
   -jellyfish, diatoms and plankton, sea slugs
 * The Sky
   -clouds and birds
* The Earth
   -spiderwebs and insect wings
   -dandelions gone-to-seed, moss, leaves
   -the fur of animals; their markings and patterns
Category: Man-Made Things
* Stained Glass Windows
* Bridges
* Stone arches
* Old sailing ships and airplanes 
I guess I just like the look of certain things and sometimes use the way those things look in my art.
Anything can be art material. Certain ones that I have used prove to be favorites because of the way they act, or react to what I am trying to make. Many of my pieces become top heavy so often a substantial  base is desirable just so the thing doesn't fall over. Then there is the skeleton, the skin and antennae and such. Sometimes the base is just that, or it becomes an environment for the ensuing creature.
BASES: Concrete, clay, natural stone, plaster
              Textures for bases include sawdust, animal hair, modeling paste, gravel
SKELETONS AND SHELLS: Wire, roof flashing, dry gourds
SKIN: paper (especially tissue paper), gauze, sheer curtain material

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