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When I am in Nature, the light, color, and feeling of the landscape captivates me.  Whether in the green valleys of my home state of Oregon, or the dry and majestic landscapes of the Southwest and Midwest, I am always inspired and challenged to make the next painting tell a story.  We live in a world of impressions, and I try to share my impressions of the place, the light, and the day with the viewer.  
  Using Pastels on sanded paper allows me to develop these impressions in vivid, pure pigments.  I split my time between plein air and studio work.  Plein air captures the moment.  Studio time allows thoughtful translation.  My hope with both is that the viewer will want to linger.  


Mary Weil grew up in Kansas, looking at big wide landscapes, subtle colors, and a lot of sky. She inherited her father's artistic talent, taking art courses in college with a focus in textiles. The travel bug took her to many parts of the world, including two years in Costa Rica in the Peace Corps, eventually settling down with family and husband on 40 acres near Dundee, Oregon in 1981. Raising two children and helping run an international nursery business with her husband made life pretty complete, but Mary always hoped that the artistic side would get a chance to thrive. 
In 2007, she took a pastel painting class with Marla Baggetta, and was taken by the colors, the possibilities in mark making, and the joy of plein air landscape painting. She packed her pastels on trips throughout the NW, to national parks and Europe, to paint by herself. Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, the Columbia River Gorge, or the verdant valleys of western Oregon all call to her.  The vibrant colors of the pastel medium, when combined with Mary’s love of drawing as well as painting, continue to challenge and captivate her.
Mary has studied with Marla Baggetta, Susan Day, Susan Ogilvie, Kim Casebeer, Brenda Boylan, Michael Chesley Johnson, Richard McKinley, Albert Handell, Diana Sanford, and Barbara Jaenicke and Jen Evenhus, Liz Haywood Sullivan ( Venice), Susan Kutzinsky. 
These exceptional artists are generous Mentors, and their dedicated expertise, friendship, and encouragement continue to be enormous resources of inspiration and learning. 
The Quarantine of 2020-21 provided  ample  time to dig   into Oil painting.   After almost an entire year of mentoring online  with Kim  Casebeer   learning oils, she  now feels the pull to either medium for studio and plein air  painting.
2015   Solo show at the Chehalem Cultural Center  Newberg, Oregon
2015 & 2016  first in Pastel at the Aurora [...]

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