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I spent my entire childhood in eastern New Mexico, in the desert of the Caprock Escarpment.  The dry, high altitude, the flat terrain, and the abundance of warm sun light and cool shadows was key to my artistic formation.  I was constantly  seeking out the shade, taking great delight in the rare spaces where trees and grass thrived, always thirsty for green.  That thirst still manifests  in my paintings today.  
From my childhood, I wanted to be an artist, but I thought that if I had any talent at all, it should come easily.  My artistic efforts as a young woman were labored and clumsy,  and I truly believed that I did not have any hope of becoming an artist.  I gave up on myself  until, in my thirties,  my hunger to paint became so strong that I was willing to be a bad artist for a while so that I could eventually become a good artist.
I moved to Austin and began to study with an artist who emphasized a classical approach to drawing and painting.  I learned principals and tools that still serve me today.  I discovered that any artistic endeavor inherently has problems built into the process, and that in order to create a beautiful painting, I would have to face those problems and find creative solutions to them.  
As I have explored light, color, and movement through painting, I have discovered that our world is, in itself, a continuous creative act.  As a part of this world, I too, am still in the process of being formed.  Every painting for me is an exercise in trying  to allow beauty to find expression through me, opening my mind and my eyes to see in ways that I had not seen before.  I find that this [...]

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