Artist Mary Wang-Steele

An example of fine art by Mary Wang-Steele

Photo of Mary Wang-Steele


Mary grew up in several South East Asia countries and attended American missionary schools.  Her social circles included friends and families of multi-lingual cultures.  She was also educated in Chinese calligraphy, ink-brush painting and music.  She studied science and technology in college which she later earned a Ph.D. from UC Davis. Mary further pursued a professional education career in the field of food science, regulatory food safety and public health.  After retiring from the State of California, she follows her heart and begins an art journey in painting.  
Mary has studied with many famous national and local artists and learned the challenges of painting 2-dimensional art with different media.  She has developed a style that combines both Eastern and Western cultural influences using watercolors and water media.  Her artist’s name “wangsteele” is a merger of her maiden and married names to an unique signature.  Mary has participated in juried art exhibitions and has received numerous awards.  Her art is in private collections in Australia, Canada, and USA


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