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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $140.00 - $3,000.00
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An arrangement of flowers, pads of water lilies, a lone deer grazing in a sun- dappled meadow—I form a deep connection with a scene, a time, and a place, and it becomes my subject. To me, painting is a vehicle for emotional expression that supersedes language.I have been interested in artistic expression my entire life. At age 12, I nagged my mother to provide me voice lessons and this became my calling, leading to a degree in voice (Opera!) from the Boston Conservatory of Music in 1974. I loved mastering technique so that I could bring my personal interpretation of a song to the audience.Fast forward to 10 years ago—my friend Suzie and my husband encouraged me to begin painting. “It’s a skill, you can learn it and really have fun!” I dove into this new passion, and soon realized there were great similarities with voice—using technique to interpret my subject. It became my new obsession, and I took classes with many accomplished artists until I felt I had mastered the essentials of oil painting. During this process, I discovered that painting is a rich and deep art form, and I will never be done learning and growing—how exciting!My wish is that the viewer of my works gets a sense of the wonder, joy, mystery and love that I felt when I painted them, that deep connection I talked about earlier.

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