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Sometimes whimsical and imaginative, often realistic or lifelike, always colorful and pleasing, Mary’s paintings appeal to a broad audience of art appreciators. They complement casual as well as formal settings. They have been purchased by collectors across New England since 2005.
Mary began painting after she relocated from New York to Tiverton, Rhode Island where she discovered the joys of the plein air experience. This is continuing now in Colorado Springs, CO. The red rocks are calling!
She creates most of her small works, none over 9 by 12 inches, in pastels. She occasionally explores the possibilities of oils as well. She enjoys challenging her skills portraying landscapes, still life subjects, and frequently, the human form. Recently Mary has been painting and drawing portraits. Using the Zorn palette (Ivory Black, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red Light or Medium, and Titanium White) for figures and portraits has enabled her to concentrate on form and value.

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