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Nature has always held a fascination for me.  As a kid I was often tramping through the woods and wading in creeks and ponds looking for interesting critters.  I grew up in upstate New York.
Growing up, most Sundays meant a visit to my Grandparents at their small farm in Pennsylvania.  My brother and I were free to roam around and spent many happy hours with barnyard animals, exploring the pond, meadows and woods.
These fond memories endure and find their way in the subjects I choose to paint.
My background is in technical illustration.  I tend to be a detail person by nature, so my goal is to be more painterly.
My childhood interest in horses kindled my first artistic endeavors.  As a subject, horses require quite a bit of observation and practice.  Although I enjoy painting many subjects, birds are my favorite.  I admit it, I'm a total bird nerd.
My husband and I have put a great deal of effort in attracting birds to our Waxahachie property, which in turn provides me with endless painting ideas!

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