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Mary Purdy Gmuender is an award winning artist known for wild animal portraiture, mountain landscapes and florals. Living in the beautiful Carson Valley of Nevada with her husband and two sons for almost 30 years, Mary enjoys exploring the Sierra, scouting new painting subjects and locations. "Growing up as both an Air Force brat and a member of the Caddo Indian Nation of Oklahoma, I found my joy in discovering beauty in new places and trying to capture them in drawings. As much as I wanted to follow my art dreams, survival and practicality took over and I moved to Colorado to work in the ski industry. Working outdoors everyday for 10  years brought an appreciation of the beauty in high places. The shadows of the trees on snow, the line of the mountain ridges and the high altitude cornflower blue skies were always inspirational, even as I worked on towers as a ski lift mechanic or supervising personnel." 
Since 2012, Mary has honed her oil painting skills and knowledge studying under many well-known artists, taking classes and workshops, both locally and throughout the country. She loves to paint the wild and free places and faces of the natural world. Lake Tahoe, Hope Valley, Carson Valley, Northern Nevada and Yosemite have become common subjects and provides endless creative influence.  Inspired by color and reflected light, her landscapes and wildlife are interpreted in an impressionist style using a bold palette and loose brushstrokes.
“The cadmium greens of Spring, the unbelievable cerulean blue of Tahoe and the Indian yellows of quaking aspens are all found in northern Nevada.  Nature gives us the perfect palette.  I love to challenge myself to see the colors of nature and interpret them on canvas, with lively shadows and reflected light.  With the quality of our high altitude air, there [...]

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