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Art has always been my favorite subject and pastime in life. It was in 1991 when I decided to take it more seriously.  I attended advance painting classes for four years, developing and learning different styles and techniques from leading professional art teachers and another three years for abstract studies learning to think and express these thoughts and ideas in an abstract way.
When painting, I always have a concept in mind, taken from the world around me or from my very deep-set traditions of my Greek culture and history past and present. Also living in four different countries of diverse religions and cultures, through my growing-up years, has prepared me to express my thoughts and experiences on my paintings. My preferred method of painting is with a palette knife. I like the clarity of the undiluted buttery texture of the paint and the sharp contrast of the different hues. I sculpt my shapes on my two dimensional surfaces.
I enjoy a variety of painting styles. I need to feel what I paint!
A few years back I had an exhibition in Europe and a lot of people commented on the different styles of the paintings on show!
I have a few series of work on the go, predominantly of abstract paintings.  After working in abstract for long periods of time, I love to create some very colorful works to restore my soul and calm my spirit.  I just start painting using bold primary colors and these paintings just happen!  A different force takes over and guides my hand!  Beautiful, wild landscapes, calm and dramatic at the same time.

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