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I have a degree in History from UCLA, with an emphasis in Art History. At the age of five I would sit under the dining room table with the "P" volume of the World Book Encyclopedia and look over and over at the images under American and European Painting. I never thought about being an artist until a friend took me to a painting demonstration by Sergei Bongart, the Russian Impressionist. I signed up on the spot for two weeks at his summer camp in Idaho. He became my first and most influential art teacher. His love of color became my love of color. I paint from life and try to capture light and color as it falls across the landscape. They influence everything and if I capture that light and color, I capture the moment, the time of day, the weather, the season. I'm not a camera. I paint my feelings about what I see. My hope is that when someone looks at one of my paintings they think, "I know that. But I never saw it before."

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