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Mary Louise Smith is a contemporary realist painter who lives and works in New Jersey combining Realism and Impressionism to awaken the viewer’s senses.  With the use of color and perspective, Mary Louise weaves a story to open the heart and mind to all possibilities and fuel the imagination.  Mary Louise believes art is a process, learning to create oneself and experiencing the world in new ways.  The paintings tell a story and depict a view of life’s beauty, symbols and spirituality. These works help us to take a step out of time; alive with magic and passion, allowing one to be present in the moment of a different world.
Art Has always been Mary Louise’s anchor.  As a child, that imagination allowed an escape to wonderful places of great adventure, and to be whoever or whatever desired.  Later Mary Louise discovered that with the use of color, the artist’s vision could be made real on canvas.  Through painting, Mary Louise is sharing that vision with everyone.

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