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When Mary Lane Reed was five-years old her father stood her by a window to watch a rare Mississippi snowfall and encouraged her to draw pictures of the trees. She promptly complied and never stopped drawing and painting after that. Reed holds both Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees from Mississippi College. She has been a working artist for many years, creating landscapes and figurative pieces as well as portraits. Over the last 20 years she has concentrated on portraiture, painting children and adults in the personal format and achieving more formal depictions for corporate and institutional settings. Reed exhibits a painterly style with a direct and intuitive approach to the creation of art. She feels the tone of the painting should be determined by the personality of the subject. The backgrounds of her oil portraits may be interior scenes or outdoor settings. She enjoys the painting challenges of both but admits a bias for the outdoors. "I love the challenge of capturing dappled sunlight." The pinnacle of painterly achievement for Reed is exemplified in the portraits of John Singer Sargent. Among living painters, fellow artist Steve Moppert is Reed's role model, having provided the greatest impetus for her own portrait work. Reed's paintings are included in the collections of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Mississippi, Mississippi College, major medical centers and banks.
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