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creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves” Carl Jung
Enjoy seeing what I’ve been playing with in my studio!I hope it intrigues and inspires you!Mary KollmanArtist

Mary Kollman Fine Art
Atmospheric Contemporary Landscape and Abstract Artist
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Mary Kollman’s paintings have been described as atmospheric in style and diverse in color. The contemporary shapes dominate the landscape and abstract paintings. Mary is well known for her big skies leaving the viewer with fond memories of fantastic colors and the glowing remembrance of the fantastic feelings they bring. She uses brush and spatula to build color and textured in broad strokes that are unique and poetic.
The dominating forces of nature are the inspiration that drives her to paint … allowing Mary to discover a whole new way of seeing. “The beauty I see in nature evokes an emotion in me that is expressed by the textures, intense colors and mysterious deep shadows of my paintings.”
Camping, hiking, skiing and enjoying the rain inspired Mary at a very young age to capture the drama of the glorious Pacific Northwest through drawing, watercolors, crayons and storytelling. Moves to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and New Mexico inspired new forms of expression that reflected the majestic mountains, bubbling streams, big skies and glowing sunsets. Previous boundaries were expanded into abstract landscape.  With a move to the east coast, her work evolved into pure abstractions, becoming looser and bolder, and launching her foray into “Abstract Expressionism”.
Mary is an experimental artist. She incorporates good design principles, using light against darks, opaque's with transparents, focal points and areas of rest. These principles are evident in each painting.  However, the painting soon becomes a magical self expression, at which point she listen to [...]

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