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Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mary Jo has been using pastels for many years.  There was a period of several years, while growing two teenagers and going to grad school for counseling psychology, that the pastels and making art were shelved.  However, some years later art called and she decided to take up the pencil once again.  Her reentry into art was facilitated by Brian Bomeisler.  His mom, Betty Edwards, wrote "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain."  Brian, a wonderful artist in his own right, also teaches what his mom understood intuitively about the process of making art.  He helped her reconnect with the right side of her brain, to silence the critic long enough to enjoy the process of making art, to once again find amazement in being able to make something look 3 dimensional on a 2 dimensional surface.  Pastel boxes soon were reopened and new materials found their way into her toolbox.  There was so much more information, surfaces and teachers than she could consult who were pastel artists themselves, unlike in her early years where such resources were simply not available in this country.
Yes, Mary Jo has enjoyed learning from pastel artists of the highest calibar and simply put, she loves learning.  She just wants to get better at her art. She's taken by the prospect of seeing open-heartedly, responding internally, portraying externally and hoping to convey with pastels that which words cannot.  She falls in love with the light, the form, the line, the color and the feeling of what she sees.  That is the consistency in her work, be it landscape, still life or portrait.
Sometimes Mary Jo still reflects back on what she learned from Brian.  When she gets stuck. too tight, too filled with doubt, too "in my head", she [...]

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