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I was always interested in creative pursuits, chasing a myriad of creative journeys, from art to music to cooking and writing.  These creative endeavors were sidelined for more “productive pursuits” during college and the study of engineering and business.  Through the years, my creator continually reminded me that I was made to be creative.  In response to His gentle nudges, I took various art classes and workshops while doing a great deal of self-study with books.  Being the rainbow of a person that I am, I dabbled in many art mediums; so my art does not seem to have a “style” or theme.  However, my love for light and color and beauty of life are woven throughout my work. 
My art is a display of God’s creativity and encouragement – who He made me to be.  My Creator has been my biggest inspiration, whispering to me at my most unfulfilled moments that I was not made for an accounting job, but to reveal Him and mirror Him in my demonstration of creativity, which I believe delights Him. 
My return to art began with watercolors, because I loved the beautiful color passages that would simply happen with the mixing of water and color.  The logical, practical, “everything in its place” part of me was also drawn to traditional oils, which allowed much more control and fussing; but afforded me the opportunity to study and draw from the Masters, learning basics of composition, color & light.  Finally, acrylics beckoned me to abandon the lines and come play … abstracts, myriads of mediums and tools. 
My hope is that my art reveals the beauty all around and within each one of us, inspiring others to see creation and the Creator in His magnificence and splendor; and how He made each of us to mirror that beauty and [...]

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