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The Artist Says:

“Respecting beauty, truth, craftsmanship, wins over…..shock, ingenuity, novelty. To this end I will pursue beauty… all the days of my life.”
Mary Jane Q Cross


Collectors Say:

”I love your work and the spirit it is painted in. Your confidence is contagious.”  J.Y.New York                                          

Know that you are affecting people everyday with the beauty of your art and the beauty of your  heart!! C.S

Makes me remember a perfect feeling. I am so inspired by your work  

Dealers Say:

“I do appreciate your dedication to create master pieces. My house is blessed with the presence of “Water Rose” and “Tiger Lily”…. we do enjoy them every day.”  Munir Rihani

From the Owner of Royal Gallery, Providence RI

Other Artists Say:

You are a high bar standard for how work should be done, but your ability to share professional information is
so encouraging. Thank you for giving back to our industry. FH


Mary Jane Q Cross PO Box 724 Newport NH 03773
I received my formal training at The Worcester Art Museum school in the early 1970’s where I was a closet realist in a time of expressionism, I looked long and hard as to where my heart as a painter lay. Quietly I have trained myself under the influence of the Pre-Raphaelites and this can be seen in the realism part of my work. Out of necessity since losing so much of my ability to do brushwork, I have explored the more impressionist styles. And the resultant dreamy quality of the two styles has melded into a voice that is my own. They become my own paintings that wrap me with arms I have never seen.
A workshop with OPAM Daniel Greene in the early 1980’s was a catalyst for my work.
As a mid career artist I work alone with out assistants in my New Hampshire studio. I am well known for painting three main subjects: the genre figure in lyrical activities, lilies in reflective water, or landscapes in soft light effects. In my oil paintings I am most looking to achieve, respect for the truth of a subject, that lets my work find meaning for others. If this is done with close attention, with academic craftsmanship that achieves a spirited and self assured vigorous presentment, I feel I am creating something I have not seen before.
We all deal with things we cannot change. My difficulty as a painter is a tremor that makes it quite troublesome to use tools. Brushes, pencils, even table utensils. After a long career as a Classical painter,   I spent 5 ½ years in the mid 1990’s re-learning my profession to settle successfully on a manner of fingerpainting. All of my paintings are 95 to 98% [...]

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