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Mary Hansen Wolfe Born in Denver, Colorado 1943
Cottey Junior College Nevada, Missouri
B.F.A. University of Colorado, Boulder
M.A. University of Northern Colorado Greeley
As an artist, I work in various mediums:  watercolor, oil, pastel and relief printing.  As a young child, I had numerous challenges academically in school.  My parents, both writers, noticed an early interest in visual arts and encouraged me in that area.  As early as 4th grade, I was taking the city bus to the Denver Art Museum where I took classes.
After Peace Corps years in Brazil, I returned to Colorado and got my Master's Degree in special education.  I used a lot of art in my classes with kids, seeing many who had similar problems to mine, as a child.  Art for many of these kids was the only area where they felt success. After teaching 32 years I retired and was able to begin to focus more on my own creative spirit.
I love the challenges presented when either painting plein air or in the studio.  The most successful paintings come when there is a strong connection emotionally and/or spiritually to what I am working on.  For someone who tends to be at least a bit A.D.D., it is a way to slow down and take it all in.  When asked, "what is your favorite medium?", I have to respond that it depends on the day.  There is nothing more beautiful than a clean, bright, fresh watercolor painting.  Other times I love the immediacy of strong marks with soft pastels.  At times, oils respond to the way I want to paint.  Relief prints with strong, heavy, dark lines can capture a completely different feeling.  I love to combine the relief printing images with bright watercolors.
Painting is good for my soul and I hope connects emotionally with some of my viewers. [...]

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