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I can spot a good painting immediately, as it carries the residual vibration of the artistís intent and passion. It can be calm and peaceful or wildly abstract and full of color - one can always detect the spark in a painting by artists who love what they do. My goal is to paint what inspires me, what demands my attention, and to illustrate that connection in the process of building the image with thick strokes of luscious paint. Iím coming now to appreciate the alchemy of good painting: sometimes sparks fly where the most information is imparted with the least amount of strokes.

An Atlanta native, Iíve been fortunate to have gifted teachers in this city guide me along the path of my art journey that began more than a decade ago. Chris DiDomizio of Old World Art was my first teacher. For the past eight years Iíve had the privilege of learning from one of Americaís finest portrait painters, Marc Chatov, and two years ago I also began studying under nationally known landscape painter Bill Davidson. Itís been exhilarating to learn from these two exceptional artists whose techniques and subject matter, while they may differ, reflect their infinite passion for painting. Their generosity of spirit and continual encouragement has been invaluable to me and my fellow students.

Iíve also experienced the utter joy of painting with a supportive group of women, and the occasional odd fellow, in a downtown loft every Wednesday for nearly four years. Called The Tupelo Studio Painters, we were organized by artist Celeste McCollough, the studioís highly accomplished founder and owner. Now, we newly emerging painters, having followed our irresistible muse, are poised on the launch pad to success, and, happily, the public is taking notice. [...]

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