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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $75.00 - $4,000.00
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“As a painter, my main source of inspiration has always come from our earth,” says artist Mary Fassbinder. “It’s landscapes, rolling hills, and oceans are what have and continue to inspire me.”

With such an alluring motivation behind her, Mary sets out through every season with her easel and paints in tow—a practice known as “plein air” painting—challenging herself to capture even a glimpse of nature’s raw reflection of those who inhabit it. “Painting en plein air constantly grounds and humbles me in my shortcomings as a human and an artist,” she notes, “yet it also awakens a yearning to connect with what I feel we have lost.”

Over the past several years, this yearning has prompted Mary to embark on an extraordinary project: painting ALL of the National Parks in the U.S. This project, which she started in August 2014 when there were 59 parks was completed in April 2018. Well, since 2018 congress has instated 4 new parks hence the journey continues. This project is ambitious and challenging, and there were times when she wasn’t sure she could or would complete it. Ultimately, however, she pushes through all obstacles, and in the process, discovered a way to inspire others to persevere by her example. “Not only was I aware of my burning desire to finish this project because of what it meant to me,” Mary adds, “but I also found people who are just as passionate about preserving this land.”

When she’s not traveling to paint the land, Mary works out of her studio gallery, Fassbinder Gallery, in Petaluma, California. In the studio, she creates commissioned portraits, as well as narrative paintings. Mary is also frequently invited to go out to clients’ property to paint commissioned landscapes. Teaching is another passion, and Mary enjoys teaching classes and workshops for adults as well [...]

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