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     Mary's appreciation of the power of human expression through art grew from her exposure to diverse cultures from early childhood on into adulthood.  From North Africa as a child, to the U.S., and later Brazil, Mexico and Canada, she soaked up colors, patterns and themes that have influenced her art.  
     After working in the business world for several years, Mary made the move to artist in 1991.  She began studying at the Newmarket School of Art in Canada with artist Martin Pryce, and shortly after began showing and selling her art to the Canadian market.  She continued her studies in Canada and in the U.S., working with professional artists such as Anne Templeton and Philip Rubinov in Italy among others to develop skills and broaden her knowledge. 
     Since moving to South Florida in 1997, she has exhibited in the Coconut Grove Art Show, Beaux Art Art Show at the University of Miami, as well as in South Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach Art Shows.  Awards include Fairchild Tropical Garden and South Miami Art Show.  She participates in fundraising events to promote causes such as the Nicaraguan refugee crisis and Coral Gables beautification.  She now enjoys living and painting in the lush beauty of Coral Gables, Florida with her husband, two daughters, one dog and two cats. 

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