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For Mary, life began in La Crosse, Wisconsin, a beautiful small city situated on the Mississippi River.  Over the years, Maryís life adventures took her to Texas, Colorado, Northern California, back to Colorado and then on to Missouri, where she happily resides on forested acreage with her husband and Pomeranians.  Her first creative outlet was to teach herself to crochet.  Quickly tiring of making scarves and blankets, she taught herself to knit.  Creating sweaters gave her the artistic outlet she craved and she has become a master knitter who can design a sweater while actually knitting it. 
It was when she returned to Colorado that Maryís artistic talents and abilities surfaced with a vengeance.  With the purchase of an 1884 Victorian house, Mary and her husband spent time restoring and adding to this historical dwelling.  As part of her home decorating and redesign, she tried her hand at ornamental painting and etching glass, using stencils she designed.  
Then in 2005 an event took place that cemented Maryís future as an artist.  The event itself isnít important except to say that it was the catalyst that put a paint brush in her hands forever.  Her early endeavors were all about painting on glass.  She gained a large number of followers at local shows and cultivated many new followers through her web site.  Well recognized for her nature paintings on glassware, Mary has been sought out by clients as close as down the street to clients scattered throughout the US, Canada, and Great Britain. 
Mary's latest life adventure has taken her to the Ozark Mountains of Missouri.  She and her husband own some acreage in the middle of the Mark Twain National Forest.  It is there she is surrounded by the things she holds dear and loves so much....trees, many species of birds, and a great variety of wildlife....Nature!! 
Although Mary [...]

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