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It has been a long journey towards my passion of art. It started when as a child I would copy pictures of Egyptian hieroglyphics and the drawing of people from books. After elementary school my mother would send me to her former art teacher at the YMCA to study perspective, color theory, and design. I went also for the tales of Lizzie Borden that Mr. Allen would tell us while painting (he was from Fall River, Massachusetts). While I dabbled in art during my college days, I was more involved with what was going to be my future career, working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. That became my passion for the next 40 years. After I retired I knew where I was going in my life having attended John C. Campbell Folk School multiple times and sampling different mediums including jewelry, encaustics, enameling, alcohol inks, and multiple classes in fused glass. I loved them all which is why you will see that my gallery has sculpture, alcohol inks on tiles, functional and artistic fused glass, assemblage, and abstract paintings in it.
I am currently displaying fused glass in a gallery in St. Petersburg, Fl where I live and have been asked to create a one woman show in a gallery in another location a year from now. I am pumped! In the meantime my days are filled with working in the two studios in  my house (one for messy stuff and the other for messier stuff). I'm delighted to be associated with the Fine Arts Studio and look forward to displaying  my work to those who are interested in seeing it.

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