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   When I was 5, my Mother got her tickets and took me to special
   museum exhibition of the Impressionists. At the desk she was
   told 'this exhibition is really not for very young children'. 
   I was entranced. Upon leaving I announced,
   ‘That’s what I am going to do’.
   I’ve been blessed to be an Artist ever since.  

   I have a strong case of “wanderlust”. I have painted on location
   from Canada to Cuba and Britain to Greece. During each
   painting trip, I generally stay in one city or village at a time,
   long enough to forego a map.
      Working on location is by no means as comfortable or
     familiar as in the studio… and that is its pleasure.
 The sounds of rapid unknown languages and new smells in the air leaves me
more responsive and aware of my subject and the surroundings.  I employ only the simplest
of techniques to work on conveying a “sense of place”. Twelve colors in a folding box, allows the most freedom to become immersed in the subject. 
     I am constantly exploring, stretching its limits and breaking down watercolor conventions to shape a chosen subject.  Watercolor is not a mistress but a collaborator in my artistic journey. Discovering other mediums can be invigorating, however, I often feel as though I am cheating on a life partner.     
    Although I am always feeding a need to paint, my satisfaction comes when my work speaks to individuals, bringing joy and reviving memories.  
Listed in  “Who’s Who in American Art”
Memberships: Salmagundi Club, NYC,  CLWAC
Lyme Art Association, Westport Artists Collective
S E L E C T E D   E X H I B I T I O N S
Newark Museum/Hertz Corporation, New Jersey
New York State Museum, Albany, New York
Giorgione, Venice, Italy
Goodman Gallery, Southampton, New York
Seventh Avenue Gallery, Garden City, New York
Nicholas Davies Gallery, New York
Vogel Gallery, CT
Cornell Medical Library, NY, New York
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, [...]

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