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Artist Statement
I am compelled to create. Even as a small child, I knew I’d be an artist. I remember my kindergarten teacher telling me I had to choose another center besides the painting easel. My response was ‘but this is how I’ll spend my life’. Since graduating from Augusta University with a BFA in sculpture, I’ve shared my love of creating with students of all ages. When you look at the images of my work, you'll see my fascination with bold color contrast, pattern and repetition in my formalistic designs.
I love to drive along the country side taking photographs or sketching; I even stop to paint small ATC using watercolor and gouache from my tailgate when I’m mesmerized by my surroundings.
The richness of color grips my soul and captivates my interest. I'm riveted by the smooth luxurious way oil paint spreads across the canvas and enchanted by the sensual way the paint blends molding to my desire. I marvel at how oils come alive with such depth and range of tints and hues with endless possibilities. I'm fond of the juxtaposition of the textural quality of oil between thick layered paint and smooth blended areas.
This series of landscape paintings documents my exploration of color, blending and layers of paint to include some pattering. I begin drawing with my brush using complementary colors, which helps create the subtle change in hue while I play with varying degrees of intensity.
When my work is going well, I’m filled with a sense of awe and excitement. When people see my work I want them to react in a similarly personal way based on their own experiences. You may be fascinated or intrigued by my brightly colored paintings or find them audacious. Sharing my work with you fulfils my dream.

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