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About The Artist:
I was born Mary Ann Vander Weele in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  My parents and extended family totally supported and encouraged my artistic gift.   A member of our Vander Weele family gave me an easel for eight-grade graduation, I cherished it and still use it.  Nearing the end of  High School I wanted to study art and design in Europe but ended up forty-five miles north of Kalamazoo in Grand Rapids.  I graduated from Kendall Collage of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 
After graduation I did  free lance design for different companies.  A friend in Michigan that was an Architect asked me to do some design and drawings for a job he was doing.  Those drawings ended up on display in New York  for the Cabinet Co. whose kitchen we were working on.  They were seen by the head of the design department for General Electric/ Hotpoint. I was contacted and offered a wonderful job in a city that i love. Louisville Kentucky.
After working at GE/Hotpoint for a time, I thought I would like to learn to fly and maybe pursue aerobatics.  Something I could do after work and on the weekends.  I had thought about flying for several years and now I could finally afford it and fulfill my dream of flying.  I did and bought an aerobatic airplane. The numbers on my plane were N1620G the Air Traffic Towers between here, Bowman Field Louisville and Kalamazoo called me “20 girl”. I loved that part of my life.  Jerris Wise, my instructer for aerobatics,  a pilot and Air Traffic Controller and we married.  We did lots of flying and eventually flew Aerobatics in Air Shows , and we were called "the Wise Aces"  The best part we ended up with four [...]

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