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The Artist Says:

"The question of what is out there, off in the distance, creates a ceaseless yearning for escape, adventure and discovery. My paintings come directly from these explorations. I enjoy numerous trips to the southwest deserts and eastern Sierras during the year. The destinations are planned but there are always enticing roads that peel off and disappear into the distant mountains along the way. These detours, the clarity of light and air tantalizes me with a sense that the western landscape is endless. As I paint, I pretend that it is."

Collectors Say:

"An Angeleno who is born here always misses that light no matter where you go. A true Angeleno has constant nostalgia for something that he/ she once took for granted- as a given. You could travel the world and never find the same light. That is why your paintings are more than art. They are an understanding of the soul. The way you capture light is an amazing gift and One that I have never seen in anyone else's art. It is purely inspirational and beautiful."
"How is it that you paint something as finite and seemingly simple as sky meeting earth and it's endlessly fascinating to look at? that amazes me...as does my very own MAK hanging in my house, which I  LOVE, LOVE LOVE!"

Other Artists Say:

"I've admired your paintings from afar (i.e. the internet). So fresh in style and cinematic in scope, they perfectly capture the essence of the California coast and high desert. Every time I visit your site, I feel like I am there again--two of my favorite landscapes to wander in all my wanderings."
"Last night I attended an incredible show by California Realist painter Mary-Austin Klein. I am in awe of her focus, passion, use of color, craft and conceptual strengths. She captures the surreal magic and piercing reality of her subject matter, The Mojave Desert, like no other." 


Born in San Bernardino and raised on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Mary-Austin found inspiration in the California landscape at an early age. The Otis Art Institute took her inland to Los Angeles to the Echo Park district in Los Angeles where she has been a resident for 31 years. 
After purchasing a Mojave Desert cabin in 2001, Klein returned to painting landscape. Her collectors, including the American artist Wayne Thiebaud, appreciate her small-scaled and highly detailed paintings. She takes numerous trips throughout the year for artistic inspiration and returns to her studio to produce new works. 
Mary-Austin Klein’s work has been exhibited at the Riverside Museum of Art, Oceanside Museum of Art, Bakersfield Museum of Art, and Santa Paula Art Museum. Country-Alt band I See Hawks in L.A. feature a song Mary-Austin Sky on their 2012 CD, A New Kind of Lonely. She is featured in artist Kim Stringfellow's book Jackrabbit Homestead, and The Guide to the Wild Mojave publication sponsored by the California Wilderness Coalition.

Mary-Austin Klein and her black lab Cima at Bonneville Salt Flats, UT 

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