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Marti White
Education: Oklahoma State University
Workshops: Gerald Brommer, Robert Burridge, Carole Barnes, David Adix, Skip Lawrence, Nadia Hlibka
Teachers: Cynthia Miller, Josh Goldberg, Andy Rush
Organizations: Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona
Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild
International Society of Acrylic Painters
Acrylic Painters USA

Marti White uses several mediums, but the art form that has most influenced her work and for which she is best known is mixed media/collage. This method and the style that she has developed was learned during a workshop with Gerald Brommer. His approach to building a piece has remained a key ingredient in the evolution of her art. Open spaces that draw the eye into and through a work are kept, and basic design elements are used to build the bones of the collage.  The final use of line and color and the application of a series of small dots finish a piece. These key elements have established the style that sets her apart.
The artist is also fascinated with the way art can tell multiple stories. Each viewer sees what speaks to their own individual place in life and the artist is privileged to be able to allow that kind of visual journey through the work. Josh Goldberg, one of her mentors in abstract expression, said that a work of art is not completed until it has been viewed. She is most rewarded by seeing the viewer connect to that personal interpretation.
The artist has been mostly self taught which has allowed her the freedom to find her own way. Beginning as an oil painter, then a watercolorist, then into mixed media and finally into collage and abstract acrylic painting, she has evolved from a representational artist into an abstract expressionist. She is always open to the challenges of improvement, asking the question “what if” and experimenting with new methods and materials.
Because [...]

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