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Martine Aceves-Foster’s limited edition archival pigment prints of digital and film images explore the play of light and shadow, color and form. A Kailua resident, Aceves-Foster produces her prints on a large format printer, using fade-resistant archival quality pigment-based inks and acid-free 100% cotton photo rag paper. Each image is restricted to 75 prints.
Aceves-Foster’s dominant theme is flowers and other botanical subjects. These photos present the photographer’s extraordinary perceptions of flowers, flowers as people rarely pause to experience them. Through light, form and color, she believes, we feel as though plants speak to us, and their “gestures” evoke memories and stir emotions. In flowers and plants, Aceves-Foster sees the fabric of life, the brilliance of spirit, and the hint of life beyond view. She is intrigued by the play of light, color and shadow and the way they reveal layers of existence, mood and meaning.
Aceves-Foster’s travel images also incorporate light, shadow, color and form to convey the complexity of life within and beyond the frame. In these photos, she aims for the iconic, so at a certain level everyone can view these photographs and experience a recognition that is universal. Beyond that, each viewer can weave a distinct narrative about where the people in the photograph are, what has brought them to this point, and where they are headed; that part of each viewer’s experience is unique. In that sense, each piece is an invitation to an imaginary journey.
A native of the Bay Area, Aceves-Foster has lived in Hawaii for 23 years. Her interest in art dates to early childhood. Her mother, as an artist, fostered awareness of composition, color, texture, light and mood, and instilled the habit of looking at the world through imaginary finger frames. The camera came as a natural extension of these tendencies – as well as [...]

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