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Martin Cushman, that's me.  I started making pottery in 1997.  I've always been a fan and collector of American Art Pottery.  I couldn't afford to buy the old pottery that I loved, so I decided to learn how to make them myself.  Over a decade later I'm still going at it, loving it and hating it.Being a Floridian, my pots have always been decorated with the beauty of the nature of Florida. Be it spanish moss hanging from old oak trees or alligators lounging in the swamps. I can't imagine ever running out of inspiration!In 2003,  I had my first one man show at the local art museum.   I decided to follow in the footsteps of  the old time Florida potters who used to throw pots and sell them at tourist attractions.   I took my throwing wheel into the museum and threw pots for the patrons. One of the people who came to the show was a pottery dealer at Renninger's Antique Market, Mount Dora, Florida.   He suggested that I take my wheel and pots to the market and sell them there. I've been selling my pots at Renninger's ever since.These days I make my living from a little gallery that I've set up at Renningers. You can find me there every weekend throwing pots and selling my pottery. I've made my gallery to resemble my home, besides my pottery it features my furniture and paintings, that way folks can stop by and sit and visit, as if you came to my house.everybodys' welcome! Hope to see ya'll soon

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