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Much of my youth was spent swimming laps in the pool, body surfing and shelling on the coast of Florida.  The salt and sand textures of my memories have inspired artwork that combines physical, intellectual and emotional responses to these moments.   The process of art making is first about an abstract memory or feeling, and the painting begins as a gestural, colorful exploration.  As the painting develops, so does the representation of my conscious thoughts and personal symbols and storytelling metaphors.  A combination of plaster, acrylic and oil paints, ink and watercolor, sewn and shredded fragments, and cold wax is worked on paper, wood, and canvas.  I combine mediums to create a symbolic history and somatic context for my work.
My undergraduate and master’s degree studies in art and psychology have been an anchor for my creative thinking.  I was a professional art therapist for health and academic institutions for 20 years during which time I was also painting my own narratives, and commissions for individuals and design firms.  Afterward, independent art workshops at prestigious institutions in New York and North Carolina further influenced my work. 
I am currently developing ideas that merge personal and professional influences, as I examine new themes of abstract and figurative painting with a focus on current feminist issues and the perception of women in the 21st century.   Early inspirations in the use of color, atmosphere, figure, line, and pattern have influenced my current exploration of themes include paintings by Bonnard, Morandi, Porter and Cezanne.  Modern influences include the drawings and paintings of Diebenkorn,  Segalman, Thibauld, and Slonem. 
My work is in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and Europe.

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