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The days of crayons and coloring books were the highlight of my younger years and my introduction to art.  I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the majestic, castle-like Philbrook Museum is located.  Throughout the years our family would take an afternoon to visit the Philbrook Museum gardens and beautifully designed spacious park.  When I was nine years old my parents enrolled me in a summer art session of clay and painting. That was the summer I realized how much I enjoyed the galleries and paintings in the halls.  It seems that I have always been in awe of color and design.  My mother was a seamstress for many years and then was asked to manage a fabric department after my brother, sister, and I were enrolled in elementary school.  Being around fabric and color, I found design to be so exciting…to feel the fabric, to see the color was a delight to me, with that knowledge I became interested in watercolor and oil painting.
Each morning begins with giving thanks for the ability to enjoy and observe shades of color, shapes, and value and how light can change the way an object looks. I feel so blessed to be and say I am an artist.

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